House as Art

Sustainable Art At That

green_house_chiTwo Chicago based artists have taken on the project of making the invisible, visible. In their home remodeling project, which is actually much more than that, they have literally gone green. While there are certainly plenty of sustainability minded components to the building, including a wind turbine, the hue of the home is a mellow green. 
A home as art.

While the wind turbine they purchased was $40,000 with a pay back period of say, 80 years, the artistic merit of the house is perhaps more important. “We’re like Duchamp in reverse, moving the objects out of the realm of art and back into function,” Ms. Whitehead said.  Marcel Duchamp, in the spirit of extreme post-modernism, was an artist who moved random objects such as bicycle wheels and urinals into galleries and then labeled them as art.

I love the concept of living within the fabric of a piece of art.  But I’m not sure I would be willing to put the capital into such a lofty project.


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