New Yorkers Believe in Climate Change

Ok…So what Next?

nyc_hotThe Center for Research on Environmental Decisions released a study earlier this month outlining the beliefs of New Yorkers on issues of global warming, local vulnerabilities and who is responsible for getting us on the right track to avoid some seriously hot summers.
Fluorescents are the new black.

The numbers were powerful, which is a welcome but expected result. Seventy eight percent of New Yorkers believe we live on a planet that is heating up, 82% of those folks believe humans have caused it. Sixty percent of NYC citizens say they worry about global warming and its potential effects on the region.

Potential Consequences and percent of people worried:

Heat Waves: 85%
Energy blackouts:79%
Storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes: 79%
Increased rates of disease: 72%
Flooding of subways, tunnels, and airports:70%

Perhaps though, the most powerful statistic is that 69% of New Yorkers believe that parts of New York will be abandoned due to sea level rise.  I’m going to assume that the 60%, mentioned above who worry about global warming are in there. But do the other 9% not worry about that fact?

Chock full of other interesting numbers, including who should pay for building upgrades and PlaNYC initiatives-which are largely supported-I think it is safe to say that the findings indicate that New Yorkers get the global warming situation.  Con Edison is actually sited as the group that needs to do the most! The real question now, as always, how do we turn this into pollicy?  Congestion pricing should be an interesting case study.


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