Bush Announces Deadline for Cutting Green House Gasses

Can we Wait until 2025?

rose_bushToday the White House was very busy. The pope’s visit brought more than 13,500 um…”fans”? And somehow the President still found time to make his speech about a new vision for policy on green house gasses.
The President Post Speach. Photo: NY Times

Among the issues discussed during his rose garden speech, were energy technology related trade barriers-they should immediately cease to exist, less developed countries should be switching to less polluting energy sources-and the rich ones will create a fund for this, and finally, the United States is ready to move towards stopping growth of its green house gas emissions-by 2025.

Certain members of varying concerned communities have stated that Bush is using already changing technologies to account for much of his projections and calculated success of recent years, which he quoted. And there is concern that the continual rejection of emission capping laws, is more reflective of his real environmental agenda.

And of course, there are a few very simple questions to ask: Is this enough? Will this actually set any sort of positive example for developing countries-as it aims to? Can’t we do better? I am leaving the analysis of this one to the experts as I am not one myself.

My gut reaction is that such busy days for the president must be very taxing since he is so accustomed to clearing brush in Crawford. We can’t be quite sure if he was thinking clearly.


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