On Earth Day: Why exactly do We Bother?

Because We Need to…

earthday_NYEvery once in a while, someone so eloquently reminds me of something that I already know: Our environmental problems–and how we tackle them–are simply symptoms of a larger societal and globalized “character flaw” that accompanies the way we have come to live today. But generally we think of character flaws as something we can’t fix and must simply accept. Somehow when Michael Pollan talked about this in his piece in the New York Times Magazine, it appeared as if there is still hope; like we have the ability to change that character flaw, with the decisions we make.
lotta love for that planet.

What is refreshing about the piece is that it is not only talking about the environment, as if it exists in a vacuum. He does remind us that climate scientists looks very worried these days. But really, he goes back to the invisible hand and how it effects our everyday lives. And not in the sense of jobs being shipped over seas, or free trade agreements, but in what we do every day.  Essentially, the process of occupational specialization has removed us from the ability to feel in control of anything. Whether it is fixing our homes-literally, or fixing our home-as in the earth, we need a specialist, or law, or policies. And without entirely denouncing the need for certain people to be experts–or laws or policies–he reminds us that when 70% of our economy is based on consumption expenditures, we do make plenty of choices about what kind of “stuff” we “need”.

By next earth day, we will have a new leader in the White House and I think it is safe to say that we will have more progressive environmental policies. But that is no reason to leave it to the experts. Read the article. Think about some decisions that you could make that actually would make a difference. Report back in the comments section! Happy Earth Day from CISC.


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