Simulation = Visual Communication

We’re Stretching the Definition a Bit

superfund365Generally simulations require some sort of representation of the other through oneself. But there are so many fascinating visual documentation and education projects out there that I have decided we will be stretching the confines of “Simulation Wednesdays.”
Coming to a superfund near you.

Today we bring you, Superfund 365. This website is a compilation of information on the currently active Superfund sites across America. The project began on September 1, 2008 in New York and aims to showcase one site per day for the remainder of the year, moving west and eventually ending up in Hawaii.

Each daily entry identifies a site, its location, images, the demography of the surrounding area, what toxins are present-and what their potential effects are-and of course the status of the clean up process.

Visit the index of sites to see what sites have been visited and listed. They definitely spent some time in our backyards.


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