Bridges Are Windy Places

Wind Turbines Might do Well There

DVD_Cover1Andrea Polli, the Director of the MFA Program in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College is concerned about the connection between the quality of life and aesthetics. So when the city was preoccupied with the cost of the energy bill to light the “pearl string” bulbs of the Queensboro Bridge, she started thinking of ways to ensure this East River gem remains lit, and sustainably at that. Her short film, The Queensboro Wind Power Project, is a journey through this process.

“The Queensboro Wind Power project presents a vision of a future when meeting energy needs can enhance the beauty of a city by investigating how clean, renewable wind power could be integrated into the landmark architecture of the Queensboro Bridge.”

As the debate continues about whether or not wind-turbines are good looking, I would ask that those who call them an eye-sore think about the benefits–aesthetics even–that modern energy provides them with. The pearl necklace of the Queensboro is just one of the many things we probably take for granted.


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