And Reporting Live from the Better West Coast

Apologies to readers who have been looking to the Sustainable Cities Blog for upcoming events, running commentary and all things green and considered in NYC. The blog has been on hiatus–along with me, on vacation in sunny California.

But while on this voyage filled with traffic (lots of priuses in there), tick bites (lyme disease is apparently rare..I hope!) and a big parade (that could only happen in San Francisco); I of course have been thinking of you dear reader. The bad news is I am on this trek for another week. The good news is, Bill Solecki, the Director of the Institute for Sustainable Cities is coming to you this week, on the radio.

This Wednesday, the Brian Lehrer Show, the 10:30-10:50 slot specifically, will feature Dr. Solecki of the Institute and Evan Mason of Landmarks West, discussing our ongoing green donuts project. Essentially, this research is looking at the potential benefits of private green spaces in the city–particularly the interior areas of a city block, or donut, in terms of curbing the urban heat island affect. So much of the research and many of the ambitious policies that promote the use of such spaces to address the issue of the urban heat island focus on public lands and large scale projects. What about the acres of private space that stays out of these calculations? Tune into WNYC on Wednesday morning to find out more.


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