Park Life and City Movement

Imagine if Your City was one Big Park

central-park-pictureAs part of their Urban Forest Project, Baltimore is running an exhibit called the Park Life/City Movement. Initial inspiration for their Urban Forest Project came from New York City’s which took place in 2006. Baltimore’s concept is somewhat different. While the New York project focussed primarily on creating powerful images and visuals from the idea or form of trees, the Baltimore theme is to essentially make the city into a neighborhood of 6 parks through art. 

The project allows for collaboration between more than 350 local artists, designers, college students and K-12 students, in addition to local business, all attempting to raise awareness about the importance of making Baltimore more sustainable.  And the visuals do look extremely pleasing and intriguing. Each participant designed a banner, using the theme of the tree–as in New York. And the leftover banners will be recycled into tote bags–also like New York’s. All proceeds from the project will benefit the Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks Tree Baltimore Campaign for a greener city.

Great project. Love the collaboration and creativity. But what about all the other banners made and not recycled? Perhaps the next city that this project rolls to can figure out how to incorporate those.


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