Cities Respond to Climate Change

At the New School

newschoolLots of talk of urbanization. Lots of talk of climate change. We need more talk about the two together. Solar 1 does their part in talking about the need for dealing with our botched grid and the ability of photovoltaics to help. And of course Community Energy’s partnership with Con Ed is a serious step in the right direction. But where is good ole fashioned efficiency? (For more on that, come out to Governors Island on August 2nd for a talk by the home energy efficiency guru Andy Padian of Steven Winter Associates…)   

At this point, we have another year, another heat wave, more black outs. This is inevitably going to get worse if we don’t address it. Never mind the fact that our hottest days end up being our bad air days, since NYC is required to produce 80% of its electricity within city limits. So, when you are pumping your AC, the dirtiest of the dirty plants are spewing fuel in order to reach capacity production. Those plants stay off during non-peak times…

A talk at the New School next week, with an all star line up, will be discussing the issue in a broader context, focusing on efficiency in American cities at large. But I have a feeling it might end up being New York heavy. The issues are no where more important than right here.


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