51 Things Obama can Do

For New York

barack obamaWhat would you do for New York if you were president? My initial thoughts: an MTA bailout–with strings attached–that require the funding stream to come away from volatile real estate taxes, a bit of extra funding to NYSERDA to beef up its city program so that 10 million New Yorkers can take more advantage of energy efficient tax credits and incentives, join the state in suing Exxon-Mobil for their continued Greenpoint nonsense, give Amtrak more money so I don’t have to take the China town bus everywhere, support the former Governor’s initiative to give illegal residents drivers licenses, help us prevent storm water overflows by further incentivizing urban vegetation and green roof projects.

The Center for an Urban Future has gone ahead and made their list of 51 things that Obama can do to help NYC, since he is the only candidate who ever had an urban policy platform at any point during the primary or general election, they are hopeful that he might care. Some of my thoughts seem to cross over with theirs. We both seem to want more Amtrak. Another transportation request on their part is a request for more ferry service. It would be so civilized, wouldn’t it?

View the full report here. See City Room coverage here.


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