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How We Can Store Carbon in the Big Apple

ForestOver at the Van Alen Institute, Denise Hoffman-Brandt, a City College Landscape Architecture Professor is embarking on a really cool project. She is looking at opportunities to create carbon sinks and carbon capturing spaces within the city, through inclusive, comprehensive urban planting–not planning–realities. Counter to the idea of the urban environment as unnatural, she “reframes urban planting as an operative program rather than a scenographic device.”

This project comes to NYC at the same time as the Million Trees Campaign, which she warns could actually result in a rise in carbon emissions due to energy inputs for planting as well as dead wood from trees that last only 2-10 years.

In her time at the Institute, she will be researching potential opportunities for these sinks, as well as coming up with a plan for disseminating such knowledge to appropriate parties. For more information on her plans and what she aims to accomplish while a fellow, please visit her profile at the Van Alen Institute. Always good stuff from Van Alen and of course…from CUNY.


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