Ecofied Fonts for Your Office

Even Easier than Changing the Light Bulbs

ecofont_voorbeeld_kleinPeople are quick to scoff at the idea that changing light bulbs and reusing bags will have any sort of true impact on environmental protection. Seeing as India’s Tata Motors unleashed a new car for just $2,500 last year and China has now surpassed the United States as the world’s largest carbon dioxide emitter (at large, certainly not per capita), it’s fair to say that your switch to a canvas bag to carry your consumer goods (made in China, part of those rising emissions perhaps) is not necessarily worthy of applause. BUT I still applaud you anyway, because sometimes its nice to get a standing ovation for the things that are just plain old right and necessary.

Enter, the Ecofont. A font that looks like and practically speaking resembles “Swiss cheese.” It’s got holes in the middle but they do not distract from the overall purpose of the product.  The Ecofont, brought to us by a Dutch communication company, SPRANQ, the font minimisez ink usage and is based on VeraSans, an open source letter.

Downloading it is easier than changing all the lights in your office. You won’t necessarily get an applause. But you should do it anyway and then spread the word. Why would you not?


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