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Whatever happened to that Poll?

green metroJust this week, the MTA unveiled the draft of their sustainability report, in Washington D.C. of all places. Apparently it is because the new proposals are in line with the President Elect’s transit plans? Perhaps they were just trying to avoid another shoe throwing incident. Different news sources have outlined various aspects of the plans. The Times reports on the voluntary environmental fee, while NY1 has more comprehensive coverage and of course Streetsblog has some preliminary thoughts on it as well.The report does seem ambitious. The MTA hopes to satisfy 80% of their energy demands from renewable sources by 2050. And they hope to consult with developers and move them towards smart growth principles, which means that new developments–commercial and residential–should be in close proximity to transit hubs.

But when we aren’t thinking about how green the MTA is becoming, we are thinking about their financial mess. And related to that, we are wondering when we might hear from the state legislature or the federal government on whether they will give us our very own bail out. According to a poll conducted in August of 2008, Americans overwhelmingly support increasing funding for mass transit development. So, if we don’t get any money from anyone, some politicians need to clean their ears. Or perhaps they just need to hear from us more? Either way, the MTA’s vision sounds good, as long as there is still a system to green. Let’s work on these things simultaneously.


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