Google Your Energy

Power Meter to Help You Reduce Your Footprint, the massive search engine’s do-good and feel-good branch of business is launching a new tool to help people understand their electricity use, and then reduce it. Part of an emerging family of “smart grid” appliances and tools, Power Meter will convey information about peak load usage. Electricity costs more and is a bigger strain on the grid during peak load times. Think August, mid-day. In the New York City area, it also happens to be when our dirtiest, oldest and most polluting power plants get turned on,as we are bound by law to produce 80% of our electricity within the five boroughs. So perhaps a tech-savy New Yorker can add a feature that lets you know when that filthy, diesel generator up the block is turned on.

The tool is still a prototype, but they hope to do a full launch within the next few months. In a time when people might be somewhat timid about entrepreneurship–especially energy related, since oil is cheap again, sigh–this tool requires other products, policies, and networks to be established in order to function. So let’s all thank google. Again. And Again. Watch the video at


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