Time is Money

And We are Going to Soon Lose Both

mta-cardYou have perhaps become accustomed to Thor’s weekly blog post on Tuesdays. However, he is in Las Vegas for the Association of American Geographer’s annual meeting (Sure he is, you must be thinking. Who goes to Vegas for academia?) But really, his post about that part of the country will probably come in later today, but for now, you need to write your State Senator and tell them that MTA fare hikes that will bring a monthly metro card to over 100 dollars is not going to work for you, or anyone in our fine city.

Visit the New York League of Conservation Voters to send your senator a message. We have less than 24 hours before the MTA’s board meeting and if there has been no approval of aid from Albany by that point, say good bye to some service and hello to higher fares.


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