New York to Benefit from Most Weatherization Money

And Most Efficiency Related Jobs?

weatherizationThanks to our old housing stock, hot summers, and cold winters, New York State will be the beneficiary of a nice chunk of money for home weatherization, specifically for low income residents. We are the recipients of more money than any other state, coming from the $5 billion that the federal government has allotted for such things. The state is poised to receive about $400 million. 

And as WNYC reported this morning, some state approved organizations will be seeing their budgets multiply by 4. And that has one very important implication today: jobs.

To read or hear the full interview with a few such organizations, visit WYNC’s newsroom. Its a great piece, highlighting the work of local action that has been enabled by a larger federal vision. Thankyou Mister President and thanks to all of us taxpayers who footed the bill. And of course the people working on the ground to make this happen.

My only concern is, the rich (and middle income Americans which is most of the country still) need energy efficiency as well. Programs that help low income families with weatherization are common sense as they help ease the financial burden on America’s poorest residents, while making important environmental strides. But people with money often live in big houses that are energy suckers. New York’s program for low income residents has building owners (in owner occupied housing) paying 30%, with the other 70% coming from the new funding. Perhaps we can switch the ratio there. But everyone needs efficiency.


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