Global Warming = More Homicides

Photo Courtesy of the NY Times

Photo Courtesy of the NY Times

The New York Times published an article yesterday revealing a correlation between summer heat and homicide rates in NYC. The reason for the correlation reported by the Times is straightforward: more people get together to interact during warm summer months, increasing the likelihood of crime.

If homicide rates correlate with air temperature, and if the world continues to warm globally, then it looks like we can expect more homicides in the future if all else remains unchanged. This is yet another problem that the city will have to prepare for in the coming years.

The Times provides an interactive map showing major crimes by year in NYC since 2003, which is updated when new information becomes available. Although the map does not provide homicide rates expected in the future, looking at the most recent climate change projections provided by the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC) can give you a sense what may in store.

Read the Times article here

Get NPCC climate change projections here


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