Mass Transit is Saving the Earth (and More), on Governors Island

6a00d834527c3f69e200e54f0eb2ba8833-500wiMost of us already know that the subway and bus systems are key to the remarkably low carbon emissions of an average New Yorker. Most accounts peg this number at about one third of the national average but how has this situation developed and what needs to be done to improve it? How can we use New York City as a model for making mass transit viable in other U.S. cities? Most importantly, what is the fate of mass transit in the Transportaiton and Climate Bills currently making their way through Washington (Streetsblog has been providing some great coverage of this question lately)?

The Director of MTA Sustainability, Projjal Dutta, will be covering this issue and answering these questions down on Governors Island this Saturday. Pack a picnic, bring your bike, and use this as an excuse to enjoy one of NYC’s quietest and greenest open spaces. Be sure to catch the noon ferry (it’s all free, by the way) because the event will begin at 12:30.

For those of you who are already planning your out summer, remember that Dutta’s presentation is part of a summer long series (every Saturday except the weekend of July 4th) put on by the very same Institute that has brought you this blog. You can check out the full list of events on our website, but let me recommend the “Build-a-Boat From Recycled Materials” workshop on July 18th. Also, the Gardening In the City workshop, scheduled for August 15th, promises to be excellent.


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