Recycled Recreation in Reclaimed Space

puttinglotThis weekend I trekked up to Bushwick to check out the neighborhood’s newest fixture: The Putting Lot.  This nine-holed interactive installation has garnered considerable attention in the local art media, and rightfully so.  In addition to making brilliant use of a previously abandoned space, the course is made almost entirely from recycled materials.

Some of the holes are better appreciated for their aesthetic qualities than their playability (Hole #7 looks fascinating but good luck sending your ball through it in fewer than 6 strokes!), but the course as a whole is loads of fun to play across. I especially liked the ramps and water hazards of Hole #3 (the blue and purple amoeba seen toward the bottom of the above image).

If you still aren’t interested enough to pay The Putting Lot a visit (or if you won’t be passing through NYC this summer) check out this quick little video of the installation process:

The Putting Lot from Lakshmi Sundaram on Vimeo.


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