Edible Installations at Eyebeam

Posted by the Green Queen Bee…back in action.

wf-iconic3It has been quite a few weeks since I have had the opportunity to share in the production of the Sustainable Cities Blog. I have been in hives of the southern hemisphere, doing research and finishing up the last six credits of my Masters degree. So, you might notice a higher than usual number of posts on Rio de Janeiro in the next few weeks, but that was home for the summer. Not to mention, that place is brimming with environmental issues…and solutions of course. Photo Courtesy of windowfarms.org But today, a short piece on a neat project I got a close look at this weekend. Eybeam | Art and Technology Center in Chelsea has their very own Window Farm for the time being. Part art, part research and development, 100% excellent, this project seeks to provide people with the tools they need to bring technology into their own homes, to grow some veggies. It is a closed, hydroponic system that drips gravity fed water (that first gets pumped to the top) into old plastic bottles. As you can see, lights adorn the installation, since most of us do not live on the top floor of buildings with massive southern exposure. But if you do, contact the window farmers at: britta [at] windowfarms [dot] org so you can get one going!


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