NYC Climate Week

Its a big day,  actually big week for climate issues in the city. The Yes Men are at it again with a new faux paper. Remember the Times of 2008 that announced the Iraq war ended? Well, today was a Post rendition based on climate change. I just point this Climate_Week_NYC_logoout because while the paper is a fake, the facts are indeed taken from a report that we did help produce. And the fake Post gave us that credit. “The New York City Panel on Climate Change, led by an elite team of NASA scientists and climate experts from Columbia, CUNY and Rutgers…” CISC Director Bill Solecki is co-chair of the New York City Panel on Climate Change. If you have never heard the man himself, check out this great video of Dr. Solecki from CUNY TV.

Now for things that have no hoax component. The week of the U.N. General Assembly, generally means little to me except a slightly more interesting commute. We tend to get corralled onto sidewalks around here when people far more important than us drive down Lexington Avenue. Ok, and yes, the week might mean more. I do get somewhat excited at the thought of these important people doing important things close to my office. Call me naive.

This year, there is an interesting new component. Seeing as all political and diplomatic eyes are on the city already, NYC decided to make this Climate Week.  And whatever ur interests are: politics, green economies, new gadgets, there is something for you. Events range from direct actions to green expos.

CISC will be blogging from the Dow Jones Sustainability Index: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration tomorrow evening. If you have questions or issues of interest that you would like to see covered during live blogging, private interviews or the follow up post, please email me at

Otherwise, enjoy the New York Post and have a great day.


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