Floating Cities for Rising Seas


From Delft University of Technology

Here at the Institute, sea-level rise is way up there on our list of pressing climate-related problems facing cities like New York (our director has a great little interview on the subject and co-chairs the Mayors Panel on Climate Change that just released this report).  It’s no coincedence then, that this story on Dutch designs for floating cities caught our eye.  Green Inc. reports:

Under DeltaSync’s plan for a floating city, large blocks of polystyrene foam connected by a frame of special, high-strength concrete would be used as floating devices, allowing the cities to be located in shallow waters. Dome-like structures would be linked to one another by floating pedestrian bridges.

A floating highway would connect with existing cities.

Heat could be drawn from the surface water and stored in the ground either under the floating city or onshore before being used to heat buildings.

“Not only does this reduce the surface water temperature, leveling out the temperature increase caused by climate change, it also significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions,” Mr. de Graaf said.


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  1. Great idea. We are going to have to figure out something like this since there are places that are already sinking under the ocean. Bangledesh and the Maldives are going to be the first to need to move due to climate change.


  2. Interesting concept. Boston Logan is built on land reclaimed from the bay I believe. Not the same but an interesting use of water space. We will have to continue to work on converting sea water to water fit for consumption.

  3. I was informed the lowest points in New York are Manhatten and Queens. Is that correct?

    Robert Ennis
    Brooklyn, New York

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