Sustainable Design Award Goes to New Cooper Union Building

If you’ve wandered around the Village anytime in the last year or two, you’ve probably noticed the sculpturesque steel-and-glass building going up across from Cooper Square.  You may have, like me, stopped outside the Cooper Union’s new academic building and remarked on the strange effect created by the folding and carved double-skin or noticed the transparency and lightness that finds it’s way into the core of the structure, despite it’s looming bulk.  If that’s all you’ve done (or if you’ve never checked it out), consider taking a closer look.

This Morphosis design recently won a Global Green Sustainable Design Award and has even made the local news (check out the below clip from WCBS).  In addition to the dynamic design–conceived of as a vertical piazza with “undulating lattice” which “envelopes a 20-foot wide grand stair”–the building boasts an array of sustainable features that make people like us at the Institute drool.


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