The Tree Museum

As you now know, we had a big conference here on Monday. To take a break from the purely academic, historical, and political subject matter, Robert Sullivan came and provided us with a lunch time talk. The New York Times best selling author spoke about The Tree Museum up in the Bronx–a project that has been commissioned as part of the centennial celebration of the Grand Concourse, the famed street of this borough.

via Time

via Time

He spoke largely about the installation as sort of a more local and organic alternative to projects like the Gates of Central Park or the Waterfalls (which actually ended up killing trees. Whoops).  It is an exhibition that invites you to think about the ecology and history of the place and people there, rather than just provide an aesthetic concept.

Basically, trees are assigned a number. And you make a phone call and dial in your tree’s extension. Then you get to hear a story about the space-trials, tribulations, or triumphs. They are all there. And the narratives are spoken by everyone from school children to scientists to reflect the diversity of the place.

Lucky for us the project has been extended until January 3rd.  But for those of you who have doubts about making it up there, you can call the trees. To hear the story of the last tree, tree #100, dial 718-408-2501, and type in 100 when you can.  And if that is how you plan on visiting the museum, bring Sullivan’s most recent book with you to the couch.


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