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Ill Urban Cyclist

Ill Urban Cyclist

Earlier in the year we blogged about Ride the City, a clever Web-based application to route safe bike routes in large urban areas.  The resource has recently been entered into the NYC BigApps competition, which will award useful & creative applications that have been built with free NYC data. As noted in the earlier blog, applications like Ride the City make it easier (and safer) to use alternative transportation and increase city accessibility.

The competition involves a monetary award, which will give this small group support to further develop their efforts and expand their reach to other large cities (in addition to their already covered 6 locations). That said, consider voting for this application. Just go to the website, go through the quick set up and vote.

See the Ride the City announcement on their blog.



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  1. Voted! It is pretty nifty – I hope people and governments will make tools like this for other cities.

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