Waiting for Copenhagen, ‘Climate File’ Controversy Clouds Skies

ominouscloudsLike so many other people around the world, folks here at the Institute are waiting anxiously for next week’s talks in Copenhagen.  There has been all sorts of analysis flying around the web and loads of it has been positive and upbeat (we have found the Guide offered over at Grist to be especially helpful and appreciate this particular take on the summit by a panel of experts).

Clouding the skies of the apparent optimism surrounding Copenhagen, however, is the developing “climate file” controversy.  Andy Revkin, of Dot Earth, has provided the most lucid coverage of this unfolding debacle but there doesn’t appear to be much musing about how it might effect the actual proceedings at the summit.  Sure, “climate skeptics” have now secured copious amounts of fodder for their arguments, but will the controversy cast significant shadows over Copenhagen?


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  1. Everyone cross your fingers that the world grows up and recognizes this issue like the adults we all are. Problems need to be acknowledged before we can start fixing them and we have too many nay sayers still.


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