NYC Is Ready for the Electric Car, and Other Tidbits from Detroit

Toyota FT - CH via Inhabitat

Many of our readers may not have needed an official report to affirm this, but New York City is ready for electric cars according to the consulting firm, McKinsey.  Green Inc., conveying the report’s findings in advance, says that one fifth of New Yorkers are “early adopters” who are likely to buy an electric car.  This is good (if obvious) news for folks here in the big apple, but the impact on emissions might not be as drastic as we would hope.  Even if 70,000 E.V.’s took to the street in the place of standard gas guzzlers, we would only see a net decrease of 2 percent in carbon output.  One of the major sources of this dismal projection is traced to NYC’s power plants and out of date grid system which would be fueling these new vehicles.  There’s still plenty to be excited and optimistic about, especially if some of the electric cars bound for the streets of NYC are coming from this weeks Detroit Auto show:

The Wheels blog at the NY Times features an amazing piece on the the Show’s “Electric Avenue”–a large space on the convention’s main floor dedicated to small-time electric vehicle producers.  A Korean company called CT&T, for example, is showing off a highway-legal two seater “that will be capable of more than 90 miles per hour and have a 155-mile range.”  They claim their products are headed for the States but it’s not clear when or how.

Meanwhile, the folks over at Grist have a great slideshow of some of the more traditional (but still tiny) cars debuting in Detroit.  Toyota, for example, unveiled the FT – CH (pictured above) as the smaller and sportier predecessor of the Prius.

Finally, looking away from Detroit, having more EV’s on our streets doesn’t have to mean more private owners adding to congestion.  If this electric car-share in Baltimore works out well, maybe Zipcar will take notice and begin to update their fleet?


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