Video: Urban Food Prints and the Feasibility of Urban Agriculture

I came across a set of animations this weekend that I thought our readers would be interested in checking out.  The first is called “Foodprint Manhattan” and was presented by The Why Factory during last year’s Hudson Quadricentennial events on Governor’s Island.  (I wasn’t able to find a video with audio but the text is completely readable if you set the viewer to full screen):

The second clip features the same idea applied to the Hague and the Netherlands (again, no audio):

I really like these animations because they begin by simply asking “how much do we consume?” and then they go on to explore and visualize the spatial consequences.  I especially like the use of “food group” towers in the Manhattan clip.  I wonder, though, how these animations might change with a thorough and detailed assessment of the capacity of the built environment to produce .  I generally agree with the conclusion that complete food independence is not a realizable (or desirable? ) goal within the city limits of any given city, but a realistic assessment like this one might produce a less fantastical scenario than 22km high food towers.


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