Solar Maps for NYC?

Solar Map for San Francisco from

Green reports that there is a comprehensive ‘solar map’ in the works for New York City.  They quote CUNY’s very own Tria Case and explain that a new LIDAR dataset will allow users to calculate potential energy generation capabilities for individual rooftops.  (We have learned from other sources at CUNY that this data is going to be used for much more than a ‘solar map’–as it measures elevation at such a fine scale that even sidewalks and fire-hydrants become visible, the LIDAR data will be invaluable for storm surge models and urban planning.)  Here is an excerpt from the post:

Now New York City, where it is estimated that solar arrays could generate about one-fifth of the electricity consumed by eight million residents, has climbed on the bandwagon. As I wrote in The Times on Monday, an airplane equipped with a laser system known as Lidar, for Light Detection and Ranging, took images of the city’s surface terrain and structures last month. The goal is to collect data that can be used to, among other things, update flood maps and develop a solar map by this fall.

Tria Case, director of sustainability for the City University of New York, which has teamed with the city to develop the solar map, said the images offered highly precise information about the shape, angle and size of rooftops and the shading from trees and structures around them.  Read more…


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  1. Tracy Fitz says:

    Yes lets go sustainable
    streamline nyserda funding
    streamline bpi / pace funding
    put solar before fossil fuel in every case
    put sustainable burning of sustainable c02 producing fuel next
    stop hydraulic fracturing where ground water and and usable aquifer is at risk for pollution
    water is a natural resource to conserve-
    solar before nuclear
    stop any excuse for war

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