Thinking Into the Future: Cities as Complex Systems and the Weight of History

Keri Facer – Learning to live in interesting times from FutureEverything on Vimeo.

The video I share with you today comes from one of the keynote speakers at Future Everything, a design and technologies conference held in Manchester.  Keri Facer gives a provoking talk on how we think about the future–psychologically, collectively, technologically–and what it means for the lived experience of our cities, as well as the development of complex biological systems.  Folks here at the Institute are particularly interested in this subject because we are also utilizing collaborations between artists, environmental scientists, and learning specialists to help move the discussion of climate change forward.  One of the keys, as Facer illustrates so well, is getting people to think about the future of their everyday lives in ways that are empowering at the same time as they are realistic about the changes that need to be made.


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