NYC Green Roof Tax Credit Survery

If you have attempted to navigate the green roof tax credit process and have done so with success or without, the Storm Water Infrastructure Matters (SWIM) Coalition wants to hear from you.

From their site:

S.W.I.M. Coalition is seeking feedback on your experience with obtaining a tax credit for a green roof project in NYC.  Are you a home owner, architect or engineer who has gone through this process?  Did it work for your project?  Please take a moment to run through this short survey, and pass this on to all the green roofers you know!

Just a  bit of background on this, in March of 2009, the New York State Assembly passed a bill that would give building owners, who covered at least 50% of their roofs with vegetation, a one year tax credit up to $100,000 at $4.50 per square foot. This essentially translates to a subsidy of approximately 35% of the cost differential between a regular roof and a green roof.

The SWIM coalition initially supported the legislation and now wants to see who is using it, how the system worked for them and perhaps how it could be improved based on feedback. Was it a motivating incentive or simply a perk to those already planning on green roof installation?

If you have a green roof and you used the abatement or you know someone who did, send them to the survey.



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