Superfund, Super-Fun

Just today, Brooklyn became home to a 2nd superfund water-way. Federal officials are apparently on course to name Newtown Creek a superfund site, during a conference call today . This comes after the March designation of the Gowanus Canal as a federal superfund, despite the city’s desire for it to remain a local clean up.  This time though, the city seemed to be in support of the designation. Interesting mix of real-estate-politik on that.  But for now, not too much more news on this.

What I can tell you about however, is the maiden voyage of Jerko the Gowanus Water Vacuum this coming weekend. From their write up: “Floating on one of New York’s most environmentally disturbed waterways and powered by vikings (I’m not sure if that is true), ‘Jerko the Gowanus Water Vacuum’ is a salvaged houseboat that has been transformed into a laboratory and showspace for do-it-yourself sustainability projects.

On October 2, 2010, join Green Homes NYC, the Sustainability Street Fair , Expedition Gowanus and the crew of Jerko The Gowanus Water Vacuum as they set out on a maiden voyage through New York’s most legendary canal.

Jerko the Gowanus Water Vacuum:
2nd St b/w Bond and the Canal
Come early to pre-register for limited on-board tours (first come first serve basis).”

While we wait to see what develops from the superfund designations, this seems like a good way to pass the time.

Photo by Sam Horine


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