DUMBO Underwater

DUMBO Underwater from Eric Corriel on Vimeo.

I recently stumbled upon a video of an art installation in 81 Front Street (Brooklyn) that shows how sea level rise will cause the East River to flood parts of the DUMBO (Down By the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood.  It reminds me of a high tech version of an installation that CISC put on Governor’s Island during City of Water Day this past August.

While scientists can report the data on sea level rise and other effects of global climate change, I think a broad social movement towards sustainability will come through artists and others who use visual medians to provide tangible projections of what our environment could look like in the future.  Thinking about twenty feet is one thing; seeing virtual water twenty feet off the ground is another.

About the work:

DUMBO Underwater is part of the DUMBO Arts Festival which takes place in DUMBO, Brooklyn, September 24 – 26, 2010. It will be available from sundown to sunrise at 81 Front Street until October 13, 2010. It is roughly 80′ x 9′ and runs 50′ on loop.  DUMBO Underwater is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts.  (Eric Corriel)



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