Planning the Menu for NYC’s Food Future

A few weeks ago, Nathan posted an entry about the update to PlaNYC2030, New York City’s long term sustainability plan. Every four years, PlaNYC must undergo a revision to address the changing dynamics and new needs of sustainability in NYC. 2011 marks four years since the release of the plan in 2007, and the Mayor’s office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability is currently preparing that update. As part of the process they are reaching out to individuals and communities across the city to hear feedback on what should be included in the new version.

Many food systems stakeholders see this as the perfect opportunity to insert the issue of food into PlaNYC2030. The only mention that the original PlaNYC makes to food is in the context of the update to the Hunts Terminal Market. The Food Systems Network NYC, a network of individuals and groups working on food issues in the NYC area, is one of those groups. They are encouraging members and other interested individuals to urge the City to include a chapter on food in the Plan’s update and have prepared some materials to help people who are interested in doing so.

If you are interested in contibuting to the process on food or any other issues, there are a couple of ways to get involved. Residents can voice their opinions either via email, or attend one of the scheduled community events. Some have already taken place, but some of these events are still upcoming. A full list of events is available on the PlaNYC2030 website.

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