Funding Available for Undergraduate Student Projects Promoting Sustainability

Do you have an idea to make Hunter even greener?


The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) is a new mini-grant program on campus, open to all undergraduate students.  TGIF is currently accepting applications and will award grants on a competitive basis. The application deadline is Monday, October 17th. You can download the 2011-2012 TGIF Application here.

TGIF at Hunter is based on a successful model for a recurring environmental project fund that has been established on campuses across the country. The money for TGIF comes from undergraduate student activities fees. In April 2010, 93.8% of students voted in favor of a referendum establishing The Green Initiative Fund at Hunter College (TGIF). The referendum at Hunter reallocated approximately $43,000 annually from the Student Activity Fee – $2.00 per undergraduate full-time student per semester and $0.80 per undergraduate part-time student per semester – toward TGIF, in order to advance sustainability on campus.

Since this is the inaugural year for TGIF, it is unclear exactly what campus community members will propose. It is likely that projects will focus on the following thematic areas: Energy, Transportation, Waste Management, Food/Agriculture, and integrating sustainability into teaching, research, and service at Hunter College.

Some examples of potential projects include – rooftop garden; a recycling education workshop; a research project about the life-cycle of Hunter’s cafeteria food; a proposal to integrate sustainability into the curriculum of a department; a public art project; a multi-media project about public space use around Hunter; an art project encouraging the Hunter community to walk or bike to work. TGIF is open to projects sponsored by outside non-profits or by Hunter clubs, as long as they involve undergraduate student participation.
If you have any questions or want to apply for a TGIF grant, please visit the TGIF website, our facebook page or email us at tgif[at]

TGIF will be hosting an application Workshop on October 5th, 2011 from 1.30-2.30pm in room 407W (Hunter West). Learn more about TGIF, get help with your application, find new members for your project group and share your ideas for a greener campus. Hope to see you there!



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