Hey New Yorkers! Other New Yorkers Need You!

People love to talk about the big city/upstate divide. But really, I think most people are far less extreme and find wonderful, redeeming qualities in all parts of our great state. Now would be a good time to display that camaraderie, by  coming together to show a little love to parts of our home that got hit very hard last weekend.

Grow NYC has a hurricane relief donation set up on their site for NY farmers who have experienced significant damage and impacts from Irene. As they say, the full extent of damage won’t be known for a few weeks, but right now, things are not looking pretty.  Governor Cuomo expects the damage to be in the range of $1 billion.

Interestingly enough, I was going to be doing a cooking demo this weekend with zucchini flowers at the Greenpoint Farmers market. And that may turn into more of an exercise in improvisation based on what is there. Delicate flowers may not have weathered the storm so well. But I will be there starting at 11 AM on Saturday. And I hope to see a packed, anxiety-inducing crowded market, full of New Yorkers supporting fellow New Yorkers.

Really people, if you enjoy our vast network of Greenmarkets and the stewardship that comes with their work, and all of the wonderful services they provide to both us and the larger NY economy, get out there this week to support our farmers. There’s never been a better time. And if you can’t quite make it, give what you can to the relief fund.



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