The Brooklyn Food Conference

The Brooklyn Food Conference will take place this Saturday, May 12. The event is free, and will be filled with over 170 panel discussions, speakers, workshops, panel discussions, food demos, family programming, and art. The goal of the Conference is to “strengthen the cooperative effort of individuals, groups and organizations fighting everyday for a healthy, sustainable and fair food system.”

There is a broad range of activities at the conference: some are focused on food justice on the regional and city level, others on nutrition and healthy cooking habits. The Conference has a networking/organizing component, with time reserved for neighborhood-based meetups.

Here are some highlights from the schedule:

Manufacturing Food in a Big City: Diverse Perspectives on NYC’s Landscape: Come learn about the unique opportunities and challenges facing NYC’s food manufacturers, and the diverse range of actors who play a role in this world. From real estate to entrepreneurship to sourcing, this panel will provide a variety of perspectives on the issue.

The Buzz About Bees: Have fun and learn about the plight of the honeybee with Observe live honeybees at work in a Plexiglas-enclosed escape-proof mini-hive. Adults can meet local beekeepers, learn about the life of the bee, what the group does, and how you can participate and support urban beekeeping. Kids can try on a bee suit and veil, enjoy a treasure hunt, role-play, coloring, drawing, and writing activities.

Diversity of Indian Cuisines: Sanjay will discuss the diversity of Indian cuisines, usage of basic spices, the layering cooking technique, and how to maintain health and taste balance. He will prepare 3 potato dishes in different ways to represent 1 cuisine each from North, South, and East India.

Getting Produce to High-Needs Brooklynites—One Cart at a Time! How does healthy food move through the supply chain to Brooklyn communities where access is most needed? What are the logistics of getting fresh food to residents? NYC Green Cart vendors— entrepreneurs operating produce carts in underserved areas—are one important link and serve as a model for other strategies.

The Conference is free. However, you can pre-register here, to avoid waiting at the door–5,000 people are expected to attend.



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